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Tom of Shoreline Media Productions saw a colleague use the PRomptBox with her iPad mini. Tom needed the PRomptBox with “Eyebrow” Accesssory for his iPad the next week. Here are Tom’s images of using the PRomptBox with his Panasonic AG-HPX300 video camera and an excerpt from the email he sent us:

Shoreline Media Productions using portable teleprompter  Shoreline Media Productions using PRomptBox Teleprompter

” It did work out well  shooting with my HPX300 and the extender was about 2 inches short to mount directly on the camera, but I used a spud and mounted it to a C-Stand through that hole in the base.  (thank you for that!)”

We sent him an additional bracket assembly to accommodate his HPX300 cam for his future use.

Also, make sure you have watched this video from Neil Tanner: