Portable Teleprompter with Versatile Mounting

Easy to mount on small or mid-size cameras, or on a tripod.

For studio shoots, setting up for teleprompting has always been time consuming since traditional prompters require a heavy-duty tripod, laptop, cables and power, making the setup time substantial.  Enter the PRomptBox which allows fast, easy cam mount for prompter shoots.  PRomptBox mounts to full-size cameras, including studio cameras, jibs or Steadicams, as well as with small DSLR’s.    PRomptBox gives unprecedented flexibility to provide PRompting for the talent – even on moving shots.

Here are some shots of the various ways the PRomptBox is being used in professional video applications where a lightweight, portable teleprompter is able to speed up the production:

PRomptBox 5d Cam Rod System

PRomptbox teleprompter on a 5D Cam Rod System

PRomptBox Teleprompter on a Steadicam

Our Portable Teleprompter is perfect for mounting on a Steadicam rig

PRomptBox teleprompter on a Shoulder Mount Video Camera Rig

PRomptBox teleprompter on a Shoulder Mount Rig

PRomptBox on a Studio Cam

PRomptBox on a Mobile Studio Cam

Professional teleprompter operator Neil Tanner has worked all over the world with dignitaries, US Presidents, CEO’s, and talent.  Watch the video below for Neil’s take on the previous generations of the PRomptBox.
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This video shows the mounting versatility of the PRomptbox.