FAQ’s on the PRomptBox Portable Teleprompter

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What is “Walk and Talk” PRompting

PRomptBox is the only on-camera direct lens telePRompter which is lightweight and compact for “Walk and Talk” PRompting. Designed for the producer, director, DP and  the talent to create a truly versatile mobile prompting shoot. Relocations are quick, easy and affordable. There are no limits to the set or shoot as the PRomptBox is as mobile as the camera.

Jib mount and dolly track are also great options. Any location the camera is set, the PRomptBox is set.

What types of Cams can be used with PRomptBox?

PRomptBox mounts to many cams either from the top shoe mount or by the pistol grip bottom ¼-20, including, dSLR, studio cams with extended floating lens, camcorders and video cameras. Lensing up to 98mm.

Please view the videos on our site for more tips and instructional overview.

Can the PRomptBox be used for outdoor shoots?

Yes, as the design is that of a matte box. The optional “Eyebrow” Accessory  affords an additional feature, that of a flag or eyebrow for more versatility when in the sun or high exposure shoots.*
We suggest using a donut or extended sock accessory for all shoots depending on your camera and/or lens

What is the range for the PRomptBox

3o’ + depending on shoot conditions, device and talent.

How does the PRomptBox Scroll?

PRomptBox utilizes any mobile device that is compatible with a teleprompting app, such as the iPad mini, Nexus 7 , Galaxy Tab3, HP Slate, Lenova  or any tablet with similar dimensions. Your cell phone is another option as a prompting device.

The optional “Eyebrow” Accessory* for full size tablets such as the iPad (gen 1-4), iPad Air and compatible iTablets creates a full range of various mobile devices that can be used with the PRomptBox for “Walk and Talk” PRompting.

How are the scripts or text loaded?

Depending on the teleprompter app, dictating directly to app,  copy and paste from docs,or typing, then format accordingly. Suggested formats:
Indoor shoots:   White font/Black background
Outdoor shoots: Black font/White background
Multi-Talent shoots: Change backgound color of script segments to match and suit each Talent.

*“Eyebrow” Accessory is designed for 9” tablets or iPad as an additional imaging option for the PRomptBox Mobile Direct Lens TelePRompter. The accessory top of one piece construction, mounts portrait to the PRomptBox gaining an “eyebrow” production feature.  Simply remove the stock tablet top and replace with the “Eyebrow” Accessory tablet top. Optimal production for medium shot to close up. Weighing in with tablet, a pinch over 5 1/2lbs.  Now “Walk and Talk” TelePRompting with a full size tablet.