PRomptBox mobile folding TelePRompter is the answer to
lightweight, portable prompting, anytime, anywhere....
Quick Mount DSLR's, Digital Video Cameras, Studio Cams, Jibs or Steadicams.

The PRomptBox™ is the answer to lightweight, streamlined prompter shoots. Heavy tripods and bulky teleprompter equipment are no longer needed…all you need is the PRomptBox™ and an Andriod or iOS smart phone or tablet to have versatile “Walk and Talk” prompting anywhere you need it! PRomptBox is used by professionals, and priced within reach of bloggers or anyone making videos.

The proprietary universal mounting bracket with the PRomptBox™ creates the anywhere ~ anytime teleprompter shoot. It mounts within minutes directly to most cams and lenses saving time and money. With essential low-profile storage and portability, PRomptBox is perfect for shoots in remote locations – and it requires no power, just your charged phone or tablet. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

What Makes PRomptBox Unique?

Portable folding teleprompter by PRomptBox

PRo Pak PRompter ONE

The NEW PRomptBox PRoPak PRompter ONE features ONE adjustable top for 7", 8" or 9" tablets.  
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Portable Teleprompter

PRompter ONE Top ONLY

PRomptBox: versatile mounting options & devices. No accessories required.  

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PRomptBox Assembly Overview

Instruction Overview

Check out the Assembly Overview Instructional Video!  

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